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Bridgerton Wedding Ring: Get the Bridgerton Betrothal Look with Pearls and Rubies

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The Bridgerton wedding, of the Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton
The Bridgerton wedding had us fanning heavily, especially this moment (Courtesy Netflix)

The Netflix Original Series Bridgerton is the talk of the ‘ton,’ and we are quite smitten with the Duke of Hastings’ choice of betrothal ring. It is pearl-forwarded, blessed with color in what appears to be either rubies or garnets, and set in a warm yellow gold mount, clearly handcrafted, as was the only way of the time.

Let’s take a look at the Bridgerton wedding ring and how you can get the Bridgerton betrothal look with a selection of Georgian and Victorian pieces we’ve selected from around the web.

The Bridgerton Wedding Ring Up Close

Bridgerton wedding ring in pearl and ruby or garnet
The Bridgerton wedding ring features four pearls with what appear to be ruby or garnet accent stones and a modest diamond in the center (Courtesy Netflix)

As is evident in the Bridgerton Netflix series, Georgian period betrothal etiquette entailed the gifting of a betrothal ring to the bride to be. Typically, this occurred before the wedding ceremony—as accurately conveyed in “Bridgerton: The Duke & I,” the book by Julia Quinn from which the first season of the television series is based. The Netflix series crew, however, chose to have the ring conveyed during the wedding ceremony, giving the story a modern touch. As is characteristic of the cinematics of the series, the ring is not a focus of the scene. The focus is on the intensity shared between the bride and groom, Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. The intensity is palpable, and we admire the focus… but, girl, we wanted to see that ring!

Two episodes later, we finally got the full-on view we wanted to see of the ring, when Daphne is pounding away on the piano after the couple’s first marital issue arises. There she was in all her glory: a four-pearl Georgian goddess, accented with pinkish-red colored stones, likely either rubies or garnets, and a tiny, central diamond—all set in yellow gold, likely of 18 karat purity, typical of the Georgian era

Bridgerton Wedding Ring in Pearls and Rubies in Yellow Gold
Bridgerton is the talk of the ‘ton.’ But have you taken a closer look at Daphne’s betrothal ring? (Courtesy Netflix)

In the Georgian era, betrothal rings acted much like engagement rings do today—as a sign of commitment leading up to the wedding. They were also often conveyed as a sign of wealth. In the case of Simon and Daphne, we dare say the Duke of Hastings opted for a signal of romance and care with his gift of pearls, a most delicate choice. The pink colored stones add a sense of love and tenderness to the look, while the modest central diamond hints at the sensitive and intimate connection the couple shares. 

Get the Bridgerton Betrothal Look

Get the look of the Bridgerton wedding ring
Get Daphne Bridgerton’s betrothal look with one of these antique rings (Courtesy Bentley & Skinner, Victoria Sterling, Wilson’s Estate Jewelry, and Victoria Sterling)

Antique rings captivate our imaginations, because they come with stories and past lives of their own. Like each of us, they arrive with a history. Oh, the stories an antique ring could tell.

For Daphne Bridgerton, pearls, pink stones, and a modest diamond tell the story of simple and pure love. Diamonds may be forever, but there are a million other stones that convey the more realistic and beautiful love stories to have graced the earth.

While we don’t have any Bridgerton-esque wedding rings in stock at Edith & Aster at the moment, we scoured the web and found four stunning rings (above) that fit the bill. All feature high-carat yellow gold with pearls and are accented with colored stoned and/or diamonds.

One thing you won’t hear in the fairy tales is the importance of care when dealing with Georgian era rings and soft stones, such as pearl. Pearls are very easy to scratch or shatter, as they are one of the softest materials on the Mohs hardness scale. Where diamonds are a 10 (out of 10) and ruby and sapphires are a 9, the pearl ranks at a 2.5-4, depending on the stone itself. As a result, pearl might not be the most suitable ring stone choice for anyone who works with their hands or plans on wearing the ring on a daily basis. (Of course, that didn’t stop Ariana Grande.) Similarly, Georgian jewelry should also be handled with care—these pieces are 200 to 300 years old… they should be treated as such!

Fine, antique jewelry is a joy, and we loved seeing the vibrant period pieces represented in the Bridgerton series. For those who read the book, you might be shocked to find that the pearl betrothal ring was not accurate to the author’s original intent. In the book it was an emerald and diamonds in white gold, a choice that rings more true to contemporary design than the Georgian era, in fact. So, good on Netflix for departing from Quinn’s original choice. Nevertheless, for your reading and gossip pleasure: 

“Nestled in the box was a stunning band of white gold, adorned with a large, marquis-cut emerald, flanked on either side by a single, perfect diamond. It was the most beautiful piece of jewelry Daphne had ever seen, brilliant but elegant, obviously precious but not overly showy.” (Page 244)

What’s evident to us from both the Bridgerton book and television series is that the colorful and storied wedding and engagement jewelry of the past certainly certainly has breathed passion and life into the world. May contemporaries take a cue from Simon and Daphne and add a touch of personality to their engagement rings and wedding bands of choice!

What’s your take on the Bridgerton wedding ring? Find us on social media and let us know!

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