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What We Look for When Acquiring Jewelry at Edith & Aster

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(Courtesy Ssabrinna Ringquist)

Edith & Aster was founded on the idea that we can connect to something greater than ourselves when we connect to the past. There is a flare of romance in the idea that by purchasing old jewelry, you’re giving that jewelry a new life, a second chance, another breath. You’re also giving yourself yourself a new sense of time and history and adding to your own story.

We specialize in vintage, antique, and estate jewelry at Edith & Aster—and our namesake is from that of Edith Wharton, the brilliant Victorian novelist and cultural influencer. When I think of Edith Wharton, I think of luscious gardens and her beautiful estate in Lenox, Massachusetts—thus, the aster flower in our name and logo. I also think of wit and strength of character—of a women who wrote the story of her life, rather than being guided or led by others.

It is the spirit of Edith Wharton and the beauty and spirit of her bountiful gardens that feed our passion for timeless, unique pieces. She was a styling woman, and she used fashion and architecture to tell a story and recreate her travels abroad. Her garden was the penultimate homage to her travels in Italy and France, which she wrote about in her 1904 book “Italian Villas and Their Gardens.” Can you imagine being the woman who launched an American gardening movement at the beginning of a century, and then just two short decades later became the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize (for “Age of Innocence” in 1921)? That was Edith Wharton. A woman this jeweler and Renaissance woman aspires to be like.

For we could imagine nothing sweeter than sitting down for conversation over tea with Edith Wharton in her garden of asters, lilies, and roses—overlooking the fanciful mansion she built with her own fortunes, toward her own tastes.

When I am acquiring antique, vintage, and estate jewelry, I channel my inner Edith and ask the following questions to determine if the piece is a worthy Edith & Aster acquisition:

  1. Is it of the highest quality?: First, I look at the quality of materials and craftsmanship. We acquire only the finest metals and gems, and we look for intricacy in detail and artistry.
  2. Is it unique?: While there is lots of old jewelry out there, not all are of equal interest. We seek pieces that take our breath away, inspire curiosity, and introduce us to something we haven’t seen before.
  3. Is it timeless?: We aspire to empower women with confidence and self-expression. We want to help them find pieces that speak to who they are on a deep level, that part of us that begins at birth, our roots. So, we only acquire pieces we feel will continue to stand the test of time.

These are our three criteria for jewelry acquisition. Would you like to see the result of our discerning eye? Browse our collection and let us know how we’re doing.

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